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Monday, 17 July 2017


¤Episode 3¤
»After one week«
John is seen in his house. Chatting with his friend Thomas in the sitting room
The sitting room was extremely big with the pictures of Governor clement and his wife hung on the wall.
The house is duplex and was very big. No doubt john father is very rich though didn’t show in his behaviour
John: I saw an angel yesterday?
Thomas: Angel micheal or gabriel?
John: *laughs* silly boy, i mean a girl
Thomas: wow, u don sample am? *wink*
John: This one that i met is a good girl. Not all those one wey you go chop and leave fool
Thomas: Good girl my foot, all of dem bad
John: Not like this one, she hardly give me her number
Thomas: Did you mean you are in love with her *laughing*
John: *scratching his head* sure now, even i will like to marry her
Thomas: So you have already forgotten about my sister, i cant blame you,she is dead
John: Its not like that Thomas,you know your sister is someone i cant forget in my life. Its been three years now that she is dead, i’ll have to move on with my life. I’ll be 29 tomorrow and my mum is equally disturbing me to marry another wife. Am sorry Thomas
Thomas: You don’t have to
Thomas stood up and walked out angrily
“what is wrong with this guy now”,” there is yoruba adage that says “if a horse throws you down,you will have to re-climb”(correct me if am wrong o)
Mary is seen with segun in a restaurant outside the school
Segun: So Mary, please help me beg your friend now, she has being snubbing my calls
Mary: what did you want me to do now?
Segun: I love her and will like to marry her
Mary: Thats not possible guy
Segun: okay,i know she wont agree but cant you help me talk to her?
Mary: For free? no,not possible
Segun: okay i’ll pay you. i’ll give you 200k
Mary: Thats too small, 500k?
Segun: i’ll give it to you. i’ll pay you half now and after the job has being completed,i’ll balance you
Mary: deal?
Segun: Deal. I will be happy if she agree to date me
Mary: Don’t worry she will *smiling*
Segun: okay. No problem, am coming
He stood up and go to where he parked his car
“his car was parked in the front of the restaurant and beside a red range rover 2014 edition”
He entered his car and later came out with a cheque which he gave to Mary
Mary: wow,250 thousand naira, you are quite rich
Segun: *smiling* I really love her
Mary: Mr lover guy, am leaving
Segun: let me give you a ride
Mary: Oh thanks
They both entered the car and zoomed off
Tope is seen in her hostel reading her note when her phone rang, she checked the caller which is no other person than John
Tope: Hello Mr. John
John: Beauty how are you?
Tope: Am good and you?
John: Am good, I cant locate your hostel, can you please come out?
Tope: okay
She walked out,to her suprise john was standing just some metres away.
“heey” she shouted. John turned left and saw her waving. He smiled and walk up to her
John: can i enter?
she smiled and ushered him in
Tope: What should i offer you?
John: Dont worry, am okay
*After 15minutes*
Mary entered,
Mary: who is the owner of that fake shoe in the entrance? anyway,i have thrown it in the dustbin, the owner should go and pick it up there
She entered and remove her top remaining her underwear and the pencil jean she is wearing
John stared agape, and Tope is so angry with her behaviour
Mary: Bros Did you want to see me unclad before you are going to get the hell out?
John: Am sorry,* he stood up and made to leave*
Tope: Let me accompany you
John: Dont worry *smiled* and walked out
Mary: I hate that guy
Tope hissed and angrily stormed out without uttering anything



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