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Monday, 17 July 2017


Tope is seen in the lecture room, recieving MTH lecture, lecturer soon left after 2hrs of lecturing. Tope yawned, she didn’t sleep all night, she was reading her books, though she cant stop thinking about john but she had to keep her pride. She yawned, stood up,packed her books to her side-back and walked out of the lecture theatre.
She saw segun, probably waiting for her, she tried to ignore him but segun held her back
Segun: Why are you treating me like this
Tope: Treating you like what, i told you i don’t want to see you again
Segun: Please just give me a chance
She hissed and about leaving when segun hurriedly hugged her from the back, she landed him three slaps on his cheek which diverts all eyes on them, his eyes became red, he kept his cool, fake a smile and walked away
Unknown to mary and tope, segun is the leader of popularly known cult
He was seen with other members, gathering in an uncompleted building probably finding away to deal with Tope.
According to their rules, Tope punishment is……..
(next scene)
»same day«
John is seen in his house calling tope, he is really in love with her and want to marry her but he is scared of telling her and dont want to be embarrassed, he then plan on inviting her.
John: Hi beauty
Tope: How are you sir
John: I told you not use SIR for me again. am good sha. Heeeem, today is my birthday, and i’ll very happy if you can come and celebrate with me*lied*
Tope: wow, where?
John: My house,,,,,i will text you the address now
Tope: hmmm, okay, will be there in 1hr
John: okay
>same day<
Tope is seen in john house, she cant believe her eyes, john that she thought he had nothing living in this expensive house, and she remember seeing about Three expensive cars in his compound but she decided not to ask him
John: welcome beauty, actually, i was not celebrating any birthday, i did that because i knew you wont come if i invited you without reason.
Tope: eyin okunrin(you guys), why am i invited?
John: heem, Tope am in love with you, and i want to marry you.
Tope: what about your wife?
John: *smiled* i don’t have any. The truth is 3years ago, my girlfriend and i have done the introduction, but she died of cancer a day to the wedding day. I nearly committed suicide but i later realise she was not meant for me from the beginning.
Am truly in love with you and want to marry you.
Tope: heeem,,
John: is that a yes?
He jumped up and hugged her
John: i only want to tell you this *he pointed his finger to the governor clement and his wife picture hung on the wall in the sitting room *. They are my parents
Tope: what? You are governor’s son?
John: Yes, clement john, his first born
Tope stared agape
>same day<
Rain started falling, and it stops exactly at 8:32
John: you cant go to your hostel tonight
Tope: I’ll sleep in my boyfriend’s house
they both laughed
»»Light faded««
Segun and his members have already prepared that night to render tope her punishment.. which is…………



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