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Monday, 17 July 2017


¤¤¤ EPISODE 5 ¤¤¤
Mary woke up the next day so terrified, She scanned around her room and she fell back to her bed. Everything that happened the previous night kept replaying on her head, how she saw seven guys wearing black in her room without knowing how they entered, she remember they asked for Tope’s whereabouts and when she told them she doesn’t know where she goes, she remember their leader stopping one of them when was about raping her.
She sighed and dial tope’s number but not reachable, she then text her
Some black guys were here asking for your whereabouts last night, they are cultist tope,please becareful
The message was not delivered due to the poor network, she was so scared that those black guys have found her
Tope and john is seen watching films in the parlour, they were laughing, the two new love birds sat beside each other holding hands
They both left for tope’s hostel holding hands but decided to eat at the restaurant first. They got to one restaurant not far from tope’s hostel. They entered and sat down, they make their orders while chatting.
A guy in black and red hoody is also seen in thesame restaurant with tope and john, he sat down quietly.
i found her he text somebody on the phone. in less than 5minutes, six guys entered claded in thesame hoody.
One of them carried tope on his shoulder,while she struggled to escape, john tried to rescue her but he was brutally wounded. He laid down helplessly on the floor in the pool of blood.
No one knows if he is dead or alive
Mary is seen in the hostel pacing around the room with her phone in her hand, she dial tope’s number several times but it was not reachable. She quickly bath and get dressed before she rushed out to search for tope.
An ambulance siren then pierced through her hear, she traced the siren to the restaurant where her friend is being kidnapped. she saw them carrying a body to an ambulance, she didn’t have a clear view because people were so many, she then tapped a guy beside her
Mary: please what actually happened here?
Guy: I heard a girl was kidnapped and her boyfriend was badly wounded
Mary: Who is her boyfriend please?
Guy: rumour said it was governor clement first born
She was so confused, Tope dating a governor son. “its not possible” she murmured.
She brought out her phone and dial
segun’s number
»»same day««
Tope’s parent is seen on their bed talking
Her dad: Did you listen to today’s news?
Her mum: no
Her dad: Governor clement first son was brutally injured by cultist and there was a girl with him which is also being kidnapped, they haven’t been able to discover their relationship, though the girl is a student of OAU
Her mum: Jesus, they will find her o
Her dad: have been calling tope but her number was not reachable
Her mum: Its network problem, let’s call her friend mary
She picked it immediately
Mary: ma, am about calling you, Tope is missing……………
Tope was locked up in a room. The room is very beautiful and with bed,she didn’t know why she was kidnapped and being dragged to this kind of room and not kill her instantly
A knock landed on the door
Tope: who is that
Person: Someone you don’t wanna see………



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