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Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Episode 6
••after a day••
Tope is seen in thesame room,tears like river were flowing in her eyes, she is crying all day and shouting to be released. Foods drinks were placed on a small table beside the bed which she probably ignored. Many thoughts were running through her mind, she bow her head, buried it in her palm, then her phone started beeping, she then remember it was placed in her side-bag, she hurriedly open the side-bag, it was a warning sound, the battery remained 15%, she changed the profile back to normal and quietly dialed Mary’s number, a knock on the door made her placed the phone into her side-bag and quickly tossed the bag away from her.
segun entered claded in a white shirt and a black trouser, he sat on thesame bed with her.
Segun: Tope accept my proposal and i will never bother you again. Marry me *he pulled out a ring from his pocket*
Tope: I already told you i cant, am in love with john and wont betray him
Segun: *smiled* you thought john is a good guy? he is a player and a betrayal
Tope: How did you know that?
Segun: He sighed. We are three back then(I,john and thomas)and a very good friend until he stabbed me at the back. We have took the wedding date, she told me a week to our wedding that she is not interested again and she broke up with me, i later found out she was dating my own friend john and there wedding date is also being set. I tried to talk to john and ask him why he did so but he replied with she dosent deserve a fool like you”. I was so angry and at thesame time heartbroken, i was introduced to this cult by Thomas which john didn’t know that he belonged to any cult group. We followed the rule…………i cant tell you that part, am telling you this because i love you and will like to marry you.
Tope stared agape, she open her mouth but nothing came out, she didn’t know why she believed all he says, perhaps maybe she has feelings for him also………
unknown to them,mary heard all there conversations and at thesame time record it
Mary sat down on bed thinking,she now believe the romour of tope and john clement dating, she then remember it was thesame guy she hated and have insulted and embarrassed several times, she laid on her covering her face with her palm. She cursed herself so many times for not recognizing and at thesame time maltreating him. I’ll make sure to marry him “she murmured to herself”.
She grabbed her phone,deleted the recordings,picked up her handbag and walked out
no one knows where she is going
It was later publicized on newspaper radio that the name of the girl kidnapped by the cultists is Victor Temitope Doris
John is seen in an hospital, he was laid on the bed with plasters allover his body,he is yet to open his eyes, but fortunately he is breathing.
Governor clement,his wife and john junior sister Natalie is seen beside him
Also, Mary’s father and her mother is also seen with them.
Governor clement took out his phone and dialed someone’s number.
“who did this to my son” he shouted
DEPUTY GOVERNOR is seen in his office calling his son KELVIN which many knows as SEGUN



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