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Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Episode 7
*after a week*
*april 14,2012*
Tope is seen in thesame room with segun, she has not being released yet,seems she hasn’t agree to marry segun
Segun: My love,why are you doing this to your self. I told you john is a betrayal,he is not what you think he is,he should have looked for a way to save you if he dearly loved you. Please just give me a chance
He held her hand,lower his head and kissed it while she just kept muted as not to worsen the situation.
Segun smiled. Segun is an handsome and so charming young man that all the girls will want to marry him,he truly loves tope but she didn’t love him.
Segun phone ringtone pierced through his hear “unknown caller” he answered the call
Caller: Long time no see kelvin
Segun: John? How did youu……..
John is seen with the governor and his wife in the sitting room
Governor: John,why are you a disgrace to this country and this family. You almost died because of a poor girl.
John: I love her dad
Governor: love you said?, you will be given four guards and you should stop your relationship with that lowly life girl because you have been given a new wife,your wedding date has being set.
John: what?
Governor: Enter
Mary walked inside majestically
Governor: Thats your wife, your wedding date has being set. If it came to my hearing that you are still seeing that girl,i will have no choice than to lock her up. He stood up and leave with his wife.
John: You betrayed your friend?
Mary: no,atleast i told you who the kidnapper is.
John: You will never be my wife *he shouted*
Mary: I already have *she laugh*
John stormed out angrily
“Tope will be a threat in nearest future,i’ll have to do something about her” Mary murmured
Thomas,the son of senator patrick also john friend is seen with a girl(linda) in his house
Linda is the daughter of the king,Her two brothers settled down in america, she is the last born
Linda: I said why am i invited here
Thomas: Linda take it easy now,please just give me a chance *kneeling down*
“mtcheeew” linda hissed
Linda: I shouldn’t have honoured your invitation. Riffraff
Thomas: It seems He is still the one in your heart,stop hoping linda,john cant marry you again
Linda: Yes!! i know but I cant stop loving him
*she sobbed and stormed out*
Thomas phone rang, he answered it
Segun: John found out i kidnapped Tope
Thomas: Why the fear, we will have to teach him a great lesson.
Segun: what if he finds out we killed your sister,beatrice 3years ago and not cancer?
Thomas: Then we eliminate him
”This family will soon be ruined, your parent will soon be murdered, your parent’s and your properties will soon be taken, you will soon have no choice than to beg for alms,those wont happen to you only if you are very vigilante” said an old man in white custume.
“John wake up,wake up,wake up” mary shouted. He opens his eyes to see his himself lying flat on the bed. “Is this a dream?” he said in a very low voice.
John: what happened?
Mary: Its being 15minutes now that you’ve fainted. John whats wrong with you
John: I don’t know either…………
“This dream must not come true” he muttered some prayer



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