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Monday, 24 July 2017


a week later
In a very big hall. Tope the bride and segun the groom is seen in the front with the priest. Their parent were also seen including patrick and thomas. Oh linda,linda has been poisoned by thomas,he thought she is dead but through the help of doctors she is alive and well and even attend the ceremony.
Mary,john and sandra sat down quietly and very determined to carry out their plans,fortunately sandra has joined them and has betrayed segun his cousin.
Priest: Who did not want these people to be hitched?
John,sandra and mary stood up. Segun stared agape but looking at the rightside of the hall,he saw another woman standing,she is linda ofcourse.
2days ago
John,sandra and mary is seen with the D.P.O in his office.
John: I hope these are more than enough to arrest them *he gave him his father’s doctor diary,all the messages segun sent to sandra and mary is shown to him*
He then told him about the plan and he agreed to help them
All eyes is on them,the hall was so quiet.
“can you please come to the front” priest demanded which they do. Segun had a look of “You a my dead meat”
“John” this is a feminine voice he doesn’t wanna believe. “John” she called again. Lo and behold it was tope.
Tope: John *she called the third time*
John: Tope,have you regained your memo…..(she hugged him)
Segun: Sandra you…….
Segun father(who is now the governor): Whats all this*he shouted and angrily walked out of the hall*
Thomas: *trembling in fear* Linda….
Linda: You thought i was dead, come in *she shouted*
Police enter
Police officer: Gentleman you are under arrest for attempting a murder.*referring to thomas*
They dragged thomas away while Segun angrily walked out throwing away his tie
Later in the night
John,linda,mary,tope and sandra is seen in john’s apartment laughing and gisting. Suddenly a hard knock landed on the door,mary open the door to see segun and all his cult member in black costume holding gun. They are 6 in numbers.
Segun: Joe,kendrick,james,andrew should stay outside while i walked in with johnson.
four stayed outside and two entered pushing mary out of the way which made her fell flat on the floor. Segun closed the door and walked past mary,he suddenly stopped moving and turned to her *i hate it when someone betrayed me” he angrily said and then shot her two times before facing the rest.
John: Mary *he shouted*
Segun: She deserves to die,but she is not the only one to die tonight
He aimed his gun at sandra and about pulling the trigger when he heard “drop your gun”…He turned back to see five police aiming guns at him and johnson with rest members been cuffed
Police officer: Drop your gun or we shoot you.
He dropped the gun and was arrested with all his cult members.
Governor and senator patrick was so arrested for killing the late governor clement and his wife by bombing the plane. Natalie was saved though she was raped three times by patrick which made them sentence him to life imprisonment,segun and thomas was put to death by hanging while governor was also sentenced to life imprisonment. Segun cult members were sentenced to 24years imprisonment,john and his parent properties were restored.
After a month
The hall was filled with many people. Today is john’s wedding day.
The happiest part is John will finally marry today
The happy part is mary is alive but on a wheel chair because the bullets has damaged her spinal cord
The sad part is he is marrying sandra because she had his baby in her womb. He made a mistake of making love to her without condom.
The saddest part is Tope is also carrying segun’s child in her womb.
What did you think happen to tope? only LORD knows
Thanks for reading…..
The end….



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