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Sunday, 16 July 2017


Episode one
In Tope’s house
Tope is seen prepared. She sat on a couch located at right the corner of the sitting room and beside the couch is seen a small old TV and her traveling bag beside her. Their sitting room is not big,and not that bad. Its obvious her parent are poor. She was her parent first and the last born.
Her father was a mechanic while her mother was just a petty trader
Though her father was a drunkard but he cares for his daughter and loves his wife
Tope: Dad, am waiting oo
Her father: Haahaa, no be school u dey go?
Tope: heen now,but check the time now,my friend would have being waiting for me since
*he entered the sitting room*
*sat down*
Her father: Tope!!! how many times did i call you
Tope: Thrice daddy
Her father: This your friend, you know her father was extremely rich and you cant allow her to spoil your life, although we are poor but we valued you and don’t want your life to get ruined. Please and please my daughter be careful of your friend
Tope: okay dad,thank you very much sir
He handed her two thousand naira note and bade her farewell
Mary was the name of Tope’s friend. Her parent was very rich. Her parent have spoil her. Her mother never get time for her. she was also their only daughter. Her mother was a business woman and may go on business trip for about ONE MONTH. No doubt her father have many concubines.
She was attending same university with tope and were in same level(200 level) though different department.
Tope was a masscomm student while mary studies medicine
Tope is 22years old while mary is 21
Tope quickly grabbed her travelling bag and her bag pack. she rushed out,to her suprise mary and her driver was waiting for her outside
Mary: ore mi (she hugged tope)
Tope: Aouse you?(how is you/copying jenifer)
Mary: Am gud oo,hw was your holiday?
Tope: Its was cool and yours?
Mary: Same.. lets enter the car
Sanusi, enter lets go joor *referring to her driver*
*Her driver was a man of about 37 years of age and with four childrens*
They got to a university entrance. It name was written boldly on the wall “OBAFEMI FEMI AWOLOWO UNIVERSITY”
The driver drove them to their hostel. It was painted blue. They alighted from the car with their luggages. They head straight to their room with their luggages and back-pack which the driver helps them with. Their room is self contained and was located beside the main hostel in the same compound.
They entered their room,bade the driver farewell and tidied their room which tope almost did everything because mary was a lazy spoilt brat.
Tope: what was your 100lv G.P mary?
Mary: Who cares, i think it is 2.32 or something. you nko?
Tope: *smiling* Its 4.34
Mary: wow, miss genius
Mary: Lectures start tomorrow right?
Tope: sure
Mary: Am going to that new club tonight at modakeke
Tope: You and this your club, cant you rest today and go tomorrow?
Mary: rara o, i heard rich guys are patronizing that club, i must meet them you know *licking her lips*
Tope: na u sabi.
Mary phone rang, it was her dad
Mary: Hello my sweet daddy
Her dad: My precious daughter, how are you doing?
Mary: Am fine dad. Dad you haven’t send the money you promised
Her dad: Oh that 500 thousand naira you asked for last week, i’ll send it, give me 15minutes
Mary: Thats my dad. Bye
*hang up*
Suddenly, Tope phone rang.
Tope: This stupid guy again *she picked up her phone and anwser the call*
Segun: Morning beauty
Tope: I told you not to call me again didn’t i?
If u ever try this number again,expect the worst
*hang up*
Mary: Holy girl, you better use what you have and get what you want.
Tope: Hey hey, I am not interested in that kind of joke o..
She frown,hissed and sleep on the bed



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