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Monday, 19 March 2018


Look at this scenario!
*He stood up to preach in one of the daily weekday's evening Masses. The first thing he asked the congregation to do was to go ask someone "How was your day?".*
*Everyone went around asking, shaking and patting each others back. Some even hugged themselves!*
*I smiled as I saw it all.* *Guess what, no one came to the priest to ask that simple question 'How was your day?'. Yet! he was tired and it had been a really hard day for him.*
*Priests and Medical doctors may have something in common- people believe they are fine as long as they are breathing!*
*You are quick to ask your priest; "Are you praying for me?" But have you ever told him "I am praying for you".*
*You know how to accuse the priest of not visiting you but have you ever stopped by to check on him?*
*You tell the priest that you are going on vacation but have you ever wondered when last he had a break?*
*Your priest smiles at you telling you "It is well with you" when at times, it is a prophecy for himself.*
*A priest can officiate a wedding just after consoling a bereaved family (Can you imagine that emotional switch- yet he must be stable).*
*Your priest is human too! Trust me, there are days he did not feel like coming to church to celebrate the Eucharist with all of you but he still did! Some of the lovely cassocks covers the pains.*
*There are stories of priests who quit because of depression (true!). Everyone knows how to fault a Priest but not many know he has pains of his own. Everyone knows how to judge a Priest's action but not everyone want him to discipline them even if its part of his duty!*
*You can put a smile on your priest's face!! Appreciate your Priest. Buy gifts for your priests'. Send words and messages of love and encouragement to him. Seriously, when last did you call your priests just to wish them well and ask how they are? Distance is not a barrier!!!!!*
*Remember, he has the generous job of watching over your spiritual well being.

Monday, 24 July 2017


a week later
In a very big hall. Tope the bride and segun the groom is seen in the front with the priest. Their parent were also seen including patrick and thomas. Oh linda,linda has been poisoned by thomas,he thought she is dead but through the help of doctors she is alive and well and even attend the ceremony.
Mary,john and sandra sat down quietly and very determined to carry out their plans,fortunately sandra has joined them and has betrayed segun his cousin.
Priest: Who did not want these people to be hitched?
John,sandra and mary stood up. Segun stared agape but looking at the rightside of the hall,he saw another woman standing,she is linda ofcourse.
2days ago
John,sandra and mary is seen with the D.P.O in his office.
John: I hope these are more than enough to arrest them *he gave him his father’s doctor diary,all the messages segun sent to sandra and mary is shown to him*
He then told him about the plan and he agreed to help them
All eyes is on them,the hall was so quiet.
“can you please come to the front” priest demanded which they do. Segun had a look of “You a my dead meat”
“John” this is a feminine voice he doesn’t wanna believe. “John” she called again. Lo and behold it was tope.
Tope: John *she called the third time*
John: Tope,have you regained your memo…..(she hugged him)
Segun: Sandra you…….
Segun father(who is now the governor): Whats all this*he shouted and angrily walked out of the hall*
Thomas: *trembling in fear* Linda….
Linda: You thought i was dead, come in *she shouted*
Police enter
Police officer: Gentleman you are under arrest for attempting a murder.*referring to thomas*
They dragged thomas away while Segun angrily walked out throwing away his tie
Later in the night
John,linda,mary,tope and sandra is seen in john’s apartment laughing and gisting. Suddenly a hard knock landed on the door,mary open the door to see segun and all his cult member in black costume holding gun. They are 6 in numbers.
Segun: Joe,kendrick,james,andrew should stay outside while i walked in with johnson.
four stayed outside and two entered pushing mary out of the way which made her fell flat on the floor. Segun closed the door and walked past mary,he suddenly stopped moving and turned to her *i hate it when someone betrayed me” he angrily said and then shot her two times before facing the rest.
John: Mary *he shouted*
Segun: She deserves to die,but she is not the only one to die tonight
He aimed his gun at sandra and about pulling the trigger when he heard “drop your gun”…He turned back to see five police aiming guns at him and johnson with rest members been cuffed
Police officer: Drop your gun or we shoot you.
He dropped the gun and was arrested with all his cult members.
Governor and senator patrick was so arrested for killing the late governor clement and his wife by bombing the plane. Natalie was saved though she was raped three times by patrick which made them sentence him to life imprisonment,segun and thomas was put to death by hanging while governor was also sentenced to life imprisonment. Segun cult members were sentenced to 24years imprisonment,john and his parent properties were restored.
After a month
The hall was filled with many people. Today is john’s wedding day.
The happiest part is John will finally marry today
The happy part is mary is alive but on a wheel chair because the bullets has damaged her spinal cord
The sad part is he is marrying sandra because she had his baby in her womb. He made a mistake of making love to her without condom.
The saddest part is Tope is also carrying segun’s child in her womb.
What did you think happen to tope? only LORD knows
Thanks for reading…..
The end….



Episode Eleven
John and sandra enter the restaurant. mary is seen in a restaurant. A bottle of coke with glass cup is also seen on the table. Mary kept looking around,no one knows the reason why. “john” she called.
Mary: Where have you been all this time? thought you’ve died until i heard you are alive from segun and he is planning something bad for you because he knows tope may regain her memory if she kept seeing you.
John: How did he know?
Sandra: We should travel back abroad and be living a happy life together john
John: not without my sister
Mary: Your sister has been turn to house maid and i don’t trust that beast patrick,he would have been dipping his c--k into her hole. All this is my fault,i caused it all *she buried her head in her palm*
John: How?
Mary: I betrayed my friend who dosent even recognize me again and you who i thought we are going make a good family. Its all my fault,please forgive me john.
Sandra: Forgive you?
John: the deed has already been done,we should be looking for solution
Mary: I know someone who is willing to help us
John: who?
Mary: My dad’s friend is an officer. we only need an evidence john
John: I have an evidence with me and i also have an idea. T….
Mary: I think we should talk outside
“i’ll be right back sandra”
they both went outside
ᄏat nightᆱ
John and sandra is seen in john’s bedroom. John sat on the bed wearing only boxer and his eyes glued to his laptop screen placed on the bed. Sandra undressed in front of john, she was so beautiful without cloth, Her kim kardashian figure 8 kept bouncing has she walked towards the bathroom. John cant stop staring, he then realise his stick has become more harder than rock. He laid on the bed as to cover his strOng hard d--k. About 2mins later, Sandra walked in,she tied towel this time and sat beside john.
[its an animation pic,use ur inbuilt browser to read]
Sandra: I hate that movie “THE RAID”
John: *smiled* Let me stop it
He switched off the laptop and stand up to place the laptop on the small table beside his bed,he stand to see his d--k almost tearing his boxer
Sandra: The guy is dieing of hunger
John: what guy?
She pointed at his d--k,before he knew it,she untied the towel which left her totally naked. In no time they found themselves on the bed
“Light faded”
John woke up the next day to see sandra sleeping in his arm quietly. He then remember his conversion with mary
ᄏᄏ15 hours agoᆱᆱ
Mary: so what’s your idea
John: why did you call me out here?
Mary: Segun told me he has someone beside you who is spying on all your move and i don’t trust that girl sandra.
John: Kelvin is really something.
Mary: So what’s your idea or let me say plan
John: You have to go back to him and tell him that am planning to kill him two days after his wedding with tope. I know him,he will come looking for me,not to talk but to kill me first,we have to tell your dad’s friend about this plan. He will have to give me five police which will be disguising as my friend.
Mary: You know about his wedding? Don’t tell me you’ve already met with tope
John: I have though she doesn’t remember me instead she gave me an invitation card to her wedding with tope
Mary: Poor girl,not knowing she is getting married to a beast. You sure this plan will work?
John: We have to try mary
Mary: Thats no problem. We don’t know if sandra is the girl segun is talking about but for now you have to do everything in your power to convince her you love her,if she want s-x,then you have to f--k her even harder.
“John” sandra called jolting him off his thought.
Sandra: What are you thinking?
John: Am thinking about you,look i knew i hurt you and i realize that i was loving a wrong person,you are the right woman for me.
She smiled,in no time their lip met and they went on many rounds of hot s-x. They both laid on the bed very tired.
Sandra later stand up and walked into bathroom putting her phone on the bed. Suddenly her phone beeped,john took it and checked the message.
It says:
“it seems you in love with him,you haven’t called or text since last two days. Okay you know am getting hitched with tope next week tuesday,make sure he dosnt attend. Thats all” from “mechanic”. He was so confuse, then he later realise mary’s guess is right.
He will have to go on with his plan because it dosent looks like sandra is spying on him anymore. He sighed and took his phone……
Watch out for last episode


Tuesday, 18 July 2017


Episode 10
»»After 7days««
»»June 26,2015««
John is seen in his new apartment sleeping on the couch. A knock landed on the door
“come in” john said. Sandra walked in,claded in a short green dress,a brown heel and bag.
Sandra: Lazy guy
John: hmmm
Sandra sat down
John: what……(cut in)
Sandra: My dad said we should come together today
John: you sure he is gonna help me?
Sandra: I know my dad, he have never lost a case, he will help you
sandra walks toward him,sat beside him. She held his hand licking her lips in lustful way,they were about locking lips when john withdrew his face, he patted her in the back and stood up.
John: Let me dress,we’ve to go now*he turned to leave*
Sandra: John,why are you like this, we are getting hitched next month 12 and you are treating me like this. fine i know you haven’t forget about your past lover but dose that mean you should be treating your present lover like this?. ok no problem go and dress.
He pitied her but not his fault,tope is the girl he can never forget. He turned to face her,her eyes soaked with tears, he then walk towards her,he planted a kiss on her forehead and went upstairs to dress.
=After an hour=
They both in sandra’s car,she is driving while john sat beside her at the passenger sit.
————- – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
¤In sandra’s mind¤
He never looked at me or admire my beauty.
i’ll have force myself in his heart.
– – – – – – – – – — ——– – – – – – – – – ——————
He glanced through the car window to see someone. He never believe his eyes
“stop,stop,stop” he shouted
Sandra stop the car, john rushed out with fire speed,lo and behold Tope is standing in his front in her nysc uniform.
John: Tope
Tope: You know my name?,please i can’t recognize you. Am so sorry,i lost my memory last 3years and i cant remember anything or anyone. please who are you?
John: you mean you can’t recognize me?
Tope:**with smile** Am not lieing.*She brought out a card from her bag*..it seems you a friend,am inviting you to my wedding next month 7**she gave him the invitation letter which he collected and went back to the car very sad**
Sandra: What happened?
John: Nothing,just went out to greet an old friend
sandra notice he was holding a card which she quickly collected from his hand.
Sandra: Wow an iv letter,we are going together,you know!! as a couple.
she suddenly stopped smiling when she saw Tope & Segun boldly written on the iv. She looked at john’s face,he looked terrible.
Sandra: Don’t tell me this is your tope and your old friend you told me about.
**deep down in sandra’s heart,she was so happy like jumping out of her skin but she pretended to be sad**
John: I just cant believe this,why is all this happening to me **he sobbed**
Sandra: Its okay,you just have to move on with your life seems she dosnt love you from the beginning.
John: She lost her memory and cant remember anything or anyone.
Sandra: And you…….(john phone beeped)
He checked his inbox. message says
“John hope you doing good,wonder where i got your new number?,We have to meet john. lets meet now at……….(MARY)
John: Sandra we have to go somewhere now………
Story end soon



«»Episode 9«»
\Two years later\
john is seen in Murtala Muhammed International Airport (MMIA), Lagos. He came back home after Two years. He still haven’t forget about them especially her. All that happens stuck in his head and not for once disappear. He remember them all…………
John rushed back home after he knows who killed his father. He told natalie,mary and linda all he sees and hear.
John: So senator patrick and deputy governor killed my dad
Natalie: Then,they will also be coming for us bro
John: Thats it we are leaving this country next tomorrow
Linda: That will be good, people are very wicked oo
Mary: Then when will you return?
John: not sure,mom should have arrive from dubai,what wrong
/—:his phone ring:—-/
John: Hello, segun what you want again?
Segun: You care to switch on the tv? bad news is waiting for you dude **hang up**
John switched on the TV and saw “airplane traveling from dubai to nigeria crashed this morning” boldly written on the screen.
He screamed and fainted
**next day**
Governor clement was buried. Its only John and natalie now. They were sitting together in the sitting room mourning their deceased parent. John suddenly stood up and head for radio station.
John: I am john clement and as you all know my father is dead now though he was poisoned by some who claims to be friends and As you all know he was killed,am here to reveal their names. They are….(his phone beeped)
The message says“say that and natalie dies”
–he continue–. They are someone that will soon be punished by law. Good day
He rushed out with fire speed,enter his car and drove home recklessly.
He banged the door and open it with full force. He saw natalie sleeping on the couch. He sighed and walk closely “i wont loose you also nat” he murmured,stroking her hair, then he kissed her in the forehead and sat beside her.
Mary is seen in a corner near john apartment calling someone
Mary: He said he is moving out of this country tomorrow
Person: we will be there tonight
Mary: Just follow your plan and dont kill him or his sister, you only needs documents.
**hang up**
**same day**
**john’s apartment**
Mary,john and natalie sat down quietly,their eyes fixed on TV screen. Suddenly Three men broke in,they were wearing mask. They collected all his father documents and about leaving when two of them face back and pulled up their mask,lo and behold it was thomas and segun.
John: **suprised** Thomas. Whaaa.
Thomas: **laughs** John am not a friend fom the beginning.
He aimed his pistol towards john and then pulled the trigger,from nowhere appeared tope who use her body as the bulletproof for john and fell.
John & segun: Tope **they both chorused**
Tope: **smile** atleast i showed you how much i loved you
He stood up angrily and was smacking thomas when he was shot in the arm by segun, then everything went blank
He woke up in the morning,his shirt soaked with blood, but to his surprise. Mary,tope and natalie are nowhere to be found
His eyes were soaked with tears already. A lady tapped him from behind.
Lady: Gentleman hope there is nothing wrong, have been tapping you since.
John: Am sorry **tears rolled down his cheek**
Lady: Oh,whats wrong **brought out her handkerchief and gave him** Am sandra
John: John
He wiped off his tears and brought out his id card from the pocket
“us army” boldly written on the id card……….



»»Episode Eight««
••April 21,2012••
John is seen in the sitting room with linda. Linda and john are friends since their childhood,they both attend same primary and same secondary school. Linda loves john and she has waited for years to hear “i love you from john”, she cant wait again so she is fully prepared to tell him herself.
Linda: i heard you were beating to flat because of a girl *laughs*
John: *smile* wanna protect her, i tried to be agent val but that dose not work out
Linda: *smile* so you mean she is your clara?
John: *bow down his head,covering his face with his hand* yes, but i cant protect her
Linda: Not your fault john, we need to talk john
John: I know what you are going to say linda,you are hurt,yes i knew that but……(his phone rang”doctor mark”)
Doctor mark: John,are you alone?
John: Doctor mark(their family doctor)*looked at linda’s face* am alone
Doctor mark: Governor clement, i mean your father is dead john,he was poisoned,whoever did this is out there looking for you john. We found a letter in his pocket which says “we are coming for you all”. Becareful john “image”
*hang up*
“Joooooohnnnn” linda shouted
»»20minutes later««
Doctor mark,john,natalie,linda and mary is seen in the sitting room
Doctor: you have to be strong john,i think i knew who did this
John: who?
Doctor: Not here, lets talk about it tonight at my place john, farewell *he walked out*
Mary: she has being released, Tope has being released
John: where is she?
Mary: Outside waiting for you
John stood up and ran out with great speed, he saw Tope in the compound standing like a statue, she is not smiling or happy,seems she wants to end it with john.
John: Tope
Tope: *finally smiling,tears rolling down her cheek* John look, we are not meant to be, am ending my relationship with you today *shaky voice*
John: what,why? *he shouted
She turned back, she wept as she walked out of the compound. She remember how they threatened to kill john if she did not end their relationship. segun is seen outside beside his car waiting for her.
John fell to his kneel with tears in his eyes,he watched how the love of his life walked out
Same day
John entered his car, and head to doctor marks apartment. He got there to see his gate widely opened, he parked his car and went in. He knocked the door and later enter after knocking for like 3minutes.
“Doctor mark” he called..he dashed upstairs and enter his room to see doctor mark dead body in the pool of blood on the floor and a pistol in his hand. He saw a small note placed on his bed which says “John am very sorry, i was the one that poisoned your father, its was not my fault, they threatened to kill my family if i failed to cooperate,look into my wardrobe,leftside under a white cloth,you will find my diary, the killers name is there, am sorry john” . He quickly opened his wardrobe brought the diary and was so shock of what he saw
“This cant be” john shouted
They are…………
Deputy governor is seen in his house with senator patrick. They were sharing drink and cheering. Its unknown yet,but it seems they killed the governor.
Deputy G: If not for your idea and help,my dream to become the governor will never come true, thanks man *they shook hands*
Patrick: Clement dose not know we are the one in power and he dose not realise politician without power is likely to die young. He seems to be learning his lesson in hell now *laugh out loud*
Deputy G: What about his son?
Patrick: *smile*. there is a girl to carry out the job, but we will have to be patient. *he sipped from a glass cup*
Deputy G: who is this girl we are talking about
Who did you think will be?
watch out for next epi..to be out on monday



Episode 7
*after a week*
*april 14,2012*
Tope is seen in thesame room with segun, she has not being released yet,seems she hasn’t agree to marry segun
Segun: My love,why are you doing this to your self. I told you john is a betrayal,he is not what you think he is,he should have looked for a way to save you if he dearly loved you. Please just give me a chance
He held her hand,lower his head and kissed it while she just kept muted as not to worsen the situation.
Segun smiled. Segun is an handsome and so charming young man that all the girls will want to marry him,he truly loves tope but she didn’t love him.
Segun phone ringtone pierced through his hear “unknown caller” he answered the call
Caller: Long time no see kelvin
Segun: John? How did youu……..
John is seen with the governor and his wife in the sitting room
Governor: John,why are you a disgrace to this country and this family. You almost died because of a poor girl.
John: I love her dad
Governor: love you said?, you will be given four guards and you should stop your relationship with that lowly life girl because you have been given a new wife,your wedding date has being set.
John: what?
Governor: Enter
Mary walked inside majestically
Governor: Thats your wife, your wedding date has being set. If it came to my hearing that you are still seeing that girl,i will have no choice than to lock her up. He stood up and leave with his wife.
John: You betrayed your friend?
Mary: no,atleast i told you who the kidnapper is.
John: You will never be my wife *he shouted*
Mary: I already have *she laugh*
John stormed out angrily
“Tope will be a threat in nearest future,i’ll have to do something about her” Mary murmured
Thomas,the son of senator patrick also john friend is seen with a girl(linda) in his house
Linda is the daughter of the king,Her two brothers settled down in america, she is the last born
Linda: I said why am i invited here
Thomas: Linda take it easy now,please just give me a chance *kneeling down*
“mtcheeew” linda hissed
Linda: I shouldn’t have honoured your invitation. Riffraff
Thomas: It seems He is still the one in your heart,stop hoping linda,john cant marry you again
Linda: Yes!! i know but I cant stop loving him
*she sobbed and stormed out*
Thomas phone rang, he answered it
Segun: John found out i kidnapped Tope
Thomas: Why the fear, we will have to teach him a great lesson.
Segun: what if he finds out we killed your sister,beatrice 3years ago and not cancer?
Thomas: Then we eliminate him
”This family will soon be ruined, your parent will soon be murdered, your parent’s and your properties will soon be taken, you will soon have no choice than to beg for alms,those wont happen to you only if you are very vigilante” said an old man in white custume.
“John wake up,wake up,wake up” mary shouted. He opens his eyes to see his himself lying flat on the bed. “Is this a dream?” he said in a very low voice.
John: what happened?
Mary: Its being 15minutes now that you’ve fainted. John whats wrong with you
John: I don’t know either…………
“This dream must not come true” he muttered some prayer






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*PRIEST ARE HUMAN TOO!* Look at this scenario! *He stood up to preach in one of the daily weekday's evening Masses. The first thing...

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